Aerobow is from a hop hornbeam stave given to me by John Large. It\'s named for its propellor twist. Rough shaping was done with a hatchet. Most of the wood removal on the belly was done with a belt sander.

The bow was floor tillered and long string tillered, strung and tillered out to 8 inches on the rope and pulley.

Bows with such severe twists bend better in the hand so I finish tillered it in front of a mirror and by holding it overhead tillered it out to 26 inches. Belt sander and scraper were used.

Tiller appears off at brace but flipping the bow around gives a better indication. Proper tiller is a cross between the 2 sides.

I eased it to 27 inches and is 53 #. It is finished with brown Rit Dye in alcohol as a stain. 2 coats of spar varnish provide final protection.

The bow is 61.5 in. long, 1.75 in wide tapering to 0.5 in. nocks. Handle is 1 inch thick and 1.25 in. wide. Bow was tillered to bend into the fades and the handle. More tillering info may be found on my site.

Copyright by George C Tsoukalas

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