The listing of New England traditional shoot dates and some hints should be of interest to you. The hints describe techniques for building your own archery equipment.
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Traditional New England Archery Shoot Dates.


Wood Seasoning.
Board Bows.
NE Bow Woods.
Silk Backing.
Bow Making Directions.
Bow Lay Out.
Handle Styles
Selfbow care and tuning
Osage and Yew as Bow Woods
Making a Bow Bench
Making a Leather Handle for Your Bow
Making Web Baby-a hickory bow
Building a board bow
Lemonwood Bow Buildalong
A hickory character bow buildalong
T Bow-a burlap backed, hickory board bow
Aerobow: Making A Character Hophornbeam Bow
Walking Stick: Some Problem Solving
Seneca Bow: Tillering Another Character Bow
Making an osage bow
Fixing a Propellor Twist
Crafting a Light Board Bow
Crafting a Sapling Bow

Shoot Arrows.
Homemade Metal Tie on Blades.
Self Nock Hints.
Pine Shaft Hints.
Making a Plains Quiver
Making Footed Arrows
More on Footings
Making a simple arrow
Wild rose for arrows
Wild rose arrows buildalong