Sapling Bows

Hold the stave like you were going to string it to see if it flips around on you.
Orient the stave so it does not flip and there is the back and belly. Further, run a string tip to tip and see if it falls on the handle area.
Marking 2 magic marker lines to delineate back from front would help.
Leave it full width and taper to 1 in. nocks from about mid limb.
Leave the stave a few inches longer than usual to counteract the crown.
Remove the belly wood with a hatchet, draw knife, etc.
Remove the bark. You can get it bending an inch or 2 and it will dry faster.
Without a moisture meter, after awhile weigh the stave and see if the weight is constant for few days.
Also, the shavings give a clue. Are they dry and crinkly or do they appear wet?
Copyright 2017 by George C Tsoukalas

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