One Hump

This bow, I hope, will serve as an example of a character bow. Typically character staves such as this one can be difficult to tiller. ust remember that each part of the limb must di its share of the bending.

That hump at the beginin of the left limb is rather prominenet. The bowyer should resist the urge to look at this hump as a hinge. It shoud do its share of the bending.

The stave to this point has been floor tillered and long string tillered out to 10 inches. You can see other buildalongs on my site to see how those procedures are done. Both limbs need more bending from mid limb on. At this point a scraper like tool should be used.

Looks better now. Remember to exercise the stave at partial draw 20-30 times for the wwod removal. This should always be done.

Here's the bow at 24 inches.

Looks much better. This is the stave at 25 inches.

Here's the stave at 26 inhes.

This bow finished 52# at 26 inches and shot quite well for me.
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