Self Nocks

To cut the nocks tape three hack saw blades together. Place the shaft in a vise in a vertical position. Be sure you cut the nock at right angles to the point off greatest spine for shoot arrows . Cut down about 3/8 of an inch. Be sure you cut the knock at right angles to the grain for arrows made from lumber.Widen the cut with your 3 hack saw blades taped together.The initial cut you made makes this easier and allows for a straighter cut. Be sure you have the same amount of wood on both ends of the nock remaining.

Using a small round file, slightly widen the top of your nock. Use sandpaper to blend everything together. Folding the sandpaper once or twice will make this easier. Try to fit the arrow on your bow string. Widen the nock with the sandpaper if necessary. Remember, if it is too tight, the serving on your string might fray. As matter of fact, when making hunting arrows, my preference is to have the nock fit snugly enough for the arrow to remain on the string with no pressure from my left hand. For roving, I like the nocks loose on the string. Remove the shaft from the vise. Hold it vertically and inspect the nock that you cut. Be sure it has no jagged edges. If it does, then sand them. While still holding the shaft vertically, rotate it a quarter turn and look at the remaining wood at the nock end. Compare it to an arrow that shoots well from your bow. Sand it until it is the same width. If it is not, then the arrow might porpoise (where the nock end moves up and down) as it travels toward the target.

Rather than wrapping the nock with artificial sinew or sinew you may reinforce it with a small sliver of hardwood. This looks great with footed arrows. Make a straight cut down 1 inch from the nock end. See the diagram below.

You must make your cut in the same direction as the grain. I use a hand saw. Glue in a piece of hardwood that is the same thickness or just a hair thinner. Cut your string groove at right angles to the grain. Below are some finished nocks.

Copyright 2001 George C Tsoukalas

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