Sewed on Handles

I shoot the narrow 1.5 inches above center. Cut a suitable sized leather strip. Bevel the bottom edge with sandpaper. If this piece isn't thick enough cut another a little narrower and glue it on the first piece. This is the arrow shelf.

Cut and measure. You can use a a string or cloth tape measure the top, middle and bottom. Transfer the measurements to a 4 in. piece of leather. Cut to size.

Check the fit.

Mark the holes.

Drill the holes. I use a variable speed drill. Watch your fingers and wear glasses. You may also punch the holes.

Start sewing in this manner. Note how the leather lace, artificial sinew or whatever you are using is put in to the half way point.

There are many patterns possible. This is the baseball stitch. You will need to actually try this. It will be evident.

Mist with water.

Apply the glue.

Pull it over.


Copyright 2002 George C Tsoukalas

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