Bow Bench

When making bows a bowyer needs a way to immobilize the stave. A large padded vice clamped to a workbench may suffice. I use a bow bench that is made from 2x 4's and 4x4's. If you wish to make one, then obtain two rectangular frames measuring 24''wide x 38'' high with 4x4's for the sides and 2x4's nailed flat across the top. The 38'' high is for my height so I don't have to bend. Across each of these frames nail a 2 ft. support. Notch a 4x4 to fit into these rectangular frames. Bolt it in. My top 4x4 is 48 in. long. Nail a 4 ft.(or so) 2x4 as a brace running from one frame to the other and running from the 2 ft. supports that you nailed across the braces of the frames. Mount a wood vice on the 4 x 4 and enjoy. Bolt or mount the frames to the floor. My bench is clamped into my bench vice on my workbench on one side and clamped on the other side with large wwod clamps and a scrap bolted to the bench. The work bench is bolted to the floor. There is very little movement to the bow bench as I work on a stave. I never like sitting down and working on a stave. I like to walk around it and observe. My set up allows this.

Copyright 1999 George C Tsoukalas

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